How to Balance Work and Personal Life

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Being able to do our best at work while also scheduling specific time for our personal lives is the key to happiness for many adults. Here are a few tips to learn how to balance work and personal life.

Stick to a Schedule

Schedule time for family as carefully as you schedule our workday. Treat them with importance; they need you to be around. by keeping a calendar that gives time to work and being at home, you can eliminate stress over balancing both. It will also allow you to keep track of the promises you make and if you keep them.

Work On Yourself

Taking care of yourself is necessary if you want to stay energized to do everything on your schedule. Make sure to eat healthy throughout the day to make you strong. Exercising regularly will give you more energy to get things done. A consistent sleep schedule will only add more productivity to any day of the week. If you can get through the workday without a problem, relaxation time will be waiting for you.

Learn How to Say No

It’s easy to say yes to a request from your boss or co-worker; it can become a habit. By learning to say no to some requests that interfere with your persona life, it will save you time and energy. You can always respectfully decline offers to do extra work. It’s all about learning to stop doing things out of guilt.

Set Distraction Boundaries

If you feel distractions are keeping you from saving time for your personal life, set boundaries. Turn off your cell phone or laptop when you shouldn’t be using it. Don’t look at your work email when you are with your family. Your job expects you to work hard, but they don’t expect you to be married to your job.

Ask for Support

Let people know that you are seeking a better work-life. People will be happy to help if you have a set plan for reaching your goal. Your family, friends, or even your boss can be a great source of encouragement, and you could even set an example for them to follow.

Being able to balance your work and personal life will make you optimized to handle both at their own time. A perfect balance is not easy to perfect, but striving to be able to be happy in both ways is a great goal. Those who learn to balance these two perfectly can create a stress-free life.

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Most Valuable Liberal Arts Degrees

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Degrees such as political science, language, or communications are the most widely offered areas of study in higher education. However, many of these disciplines do not lead to a particular profession right out of school. To succeed, Liberal Arts students must analyze and assess new information to find work. The nature of exploring the job market is highly prioritized as well as a willingness to grapple with fundamental ethical questions. Liberal arts degrees are also great for business. They form individuals into interesting people that can determine their own path in the future. The follow are the most valuable liberal arts degrees that can get you started on a career today.

Government: Most people think that the only career you can have with a degree in Government is running for office. However, there are many different opportunities that for political science majors. Some can become political consultants, lobbyists, or even diplomats. The world of politics will always be around, so there’s no worry to never be able to find something to work with. Starting Median Salary: $43,200

International Relations: The areas of careers for International Relations include working with the global economy, human rights, or even worldwide terrorism. This major can make you equipped for dealing with government agencies from the world, as well as nonprofit organizations and international banking institutions. Starting Median Salary: $41,700

Advertising: This is the perfect degree to earn if you are looking to break into the fields of public relations or marketing. These areas are essential for the most successful business. You can find employment with advertising agencies as well as consulting firms. Starting Median Salary: $40,000

Philosophy: One of the oldest humanities, studying in philosophy has a few options to choose from as a career.  With its emphasis on reason, philosophy is a great preparation for fields such as business, in social work, or law. Students can continue their education in philosophy, or teach philosophy at a university. Starting Median Salary: $39,700

English: English degrees offer graduates critical thinking and creative problem solving, while also the ability to study the most famous literature and writing. Many English majors continue with advanced educations to earn masters and even lead into becoming college professors and administrators. Starting Median Salary: $40,800

The study of liberal arts is persistently growing strong, as young people worldwide continue to see the value behind these studies. There are many options to choose from, but the right path will come to you before you realize.

Events That Team USA Can Still Win Gold in at the 2014 Winter Olympics

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As the first week of the Sochi Games comes to a close, Team U.S.A. is doing well but not as good as expected. Team U.S.A. fell short of the gold in both team figure skating and men’s snowboarding, but things are far from over. Here are some sports that Team USA can still hope to come away with the gold in:

Women’s Hockey: Led by Hilary Knight, four time Women’s World Champ, the USA Women’s Hockey Team is poised to go far in this year’s games. At the 2010 Vancouver Games, the team won silver, losing the last game to Canada. Knight says the players haven’t forgotten the loss: “It wasn’t a great feeling, it’s still a feeling that haunts a bunch of us today,” said Knight to CBS News. Knight expects another intense game if the two teams meet again.

Men’s Speed Skating: Shani Davis, Winter Olympics veteran, failed to three-peat in the men’s 1,000-meter race this year. However, he will still have a chance at winning the 1,500-meter race. He won silver in the same race during the last two Olympics. Brian Hansen finished right behind Davis in the 1,000-meter race. “We have a lot of depth in this race. We didn’t show it out there, but we do,” said Hansen, optimistically.

Women’s Bobsledding: Two members of the team are Olympian track runners that have turned into Olympian bobsledders: Lolo Jones and Lauryn Williams. Notably, Williams was selected to push the USA-1 sled at the Sochi Olympics, driven by Elana Meyers. If she wins gold, she will become the second person to win gold in two sports at both the summer and winter games. She won the 4X100-meter relay during the London Games in 2012.

Women’s Snowboarding: After snowboarder Shaun White and ski jumper Sarah Hendrickson failed to reach the podium, the only hope is the USA women’s Snowboarding team for the slopes. Kelly Cark and Arielle Gold could take halfpipe medals for the Americans. Hannah Teter is also still in the playing field. Clark is fresh off an X Games win in the same event from this summer.  Team USA has won six medals in women’s Olympic halfpipe history, half of the total possible.

Men’s Curling: The USA Curling Team is pretty good for men and women, but the men’s is on a roll. Beating Denmark 9-5 on Wednesday, the men’s team next face off against Great Britain on Thursday. John Shuster, a member of the 2006 Olympic team that won the USA a bronze medal, leads the team. The 2012 men’s curling team finished in 10th at the Vancouver games.

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Best Super Bowl Moments of the 21st Century

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Although this year’s game wasn’t much of a competition, it still had its share of memorable moments. Ever since the year 2000, the Super Bowl especially has had its share of memorable moments. Here are a few standouts:

The St. Louis Rams Stop the Tennessee Titans Short in Super Bowl XXXIV

Down 23-16, Steve McNair and the Titans offense drove to the Rams’ 10-yard line and called a timeout. Trailing by a touchdown, they knew they needed to get in the end zone to win. After the ball was snapped, McNair found WR Kevin Dyson who was 2 ½ yards from the goal line. Rams LB Mike Jones tackled Dyson at the one-yard line, preserving the Rams victory. The image of Dyson stretching the ball towards the goal line has become a staple of NFL highlights.

Adam Vinatieri’s Last Second Field Goal in Super Bowl XXXVI

As time was expiring, Patriot kicker Adam Vinatieri made a game-winning field goal 48 yards from the goal posts. The kick would beat the heavily favored St. Louis Rams: the team was a 14-page favorite by the bookies in Vegas. Second-year quarterback Tom Brady led the game winning drive, and ever since has become one of the best quarterbacks in the league, as well as a definite NFL Hall of Famer.

David Tyree’s Helmet Catch in Super Bowl XLII

Facing the record-breaking Tom Brady and the Patriots was a daunting task, but thanks to preparation and a couple of great plays, the Giants went on to beat the juggernaut Patriots. Down 14-10 late vs. the 18-0 patriots, Giants QB Eli Manning scrambled around a fierce defensive line and threw up a downfield pass to WR David Tyree. Although Patriots S Rodney Harrison blanketed him, Tyree made the catch by planting the ball on his helmet. Erasing a 4th-and-20, the Giants went on to score and beat the undefeated Patriots.

New Orleans Saints Try an Onside Kick in Super Bowl XLIV

The Saints first Super Bowl appearance was one to remember. Facing the elite quarterback Peyton Manning and the Indianapolis Colts was no easy task, and the Saints were prepared for it. With a 10-6 halftime Colts lead, the Saints decided to try a trick up their sleeve: an onside kick to open the half. If the kick wasn’t perfect, things could have gotten disastrous. Fortunately, the Saints recovered and drove for a go-ahead touchdown. They ended up winning the game too.

Percy Harvin’s Kickoff Return in Super Bowl XLVIII

Although the Seahawks had a steady lead going into the 2nd half, Percy Harvin’s touchdown sealed the deal for Seattle. Grabbing a pooch kick from 87-yards out, Harvin accelerated past Broncos defenders to bring it to the house. The Seahawks then went up29-0, destroying all hope of a miraculous comeback by the broncos in the second half. The play was also important since Harvin didn’t play much for Seattle during the season, after signing a six-year, $67 million contract. This might have made the money worth it after all.

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