Five Habits for a Great Sales Coach

Samuel Striker Sales Coach

Flickr CC via University of Central Arkansas

Being a great sales coach requires investing in others. Sales leaders should develop habits that not only help themselves grow on a professional level, but also the team they lead. Habits should be formed so they become day-to-day activities, and ingrained in the sales leader’s mind. Utilize these five habits for being a great sales coach to make an impact on sales professionals.

Share Your Personal Experience
Most salespeople are new to the sales scene when being first hired. Make sure to talk to new salespeople about everything that you feel might be important to share. Use your own personal stories and experience of reaching your position of a sales leader. What did you do right and what did you do wrong? This can inspire a sales team to use you as a role model, and you in turn will empower them to be ready for anything. Great example and anecdotes will get people to listen.

Stick to Your Guns
As a sales leader grows in his or her career, they pick up a many different things about coaching others. For sales leaders, they should always be ready to use the skills they have learned throughout their career, and not only use the sales model that the currently company provides. Create a process that you can follow day to day to help guide the team’s selling habits. This will allow the best sales team to understand time management and the demands of their prospects.

Be an Example
Understanding that your sales team will look up to you is key if you want to become a great sales leader. Work on doing things that a sales team can see and then implement into their own sales process. A great team is only as good as its leader, so make sure you’re up to the task of taking on the responsibility. Practicing great communication will do wonders for the team. Be a guiding example that a salesperson can know they can come to without thinking about it. A foundation of trust will allow you and your sales team to grow, and prove that you are a role model in sales world.

Motivate Others
It’s tough to get people going, but motivation can aid the overall success of the sales team. Great sales leaders know how to motivate individual sellers through maximizing their motivation. Compensation increases or prizes aren’t enough; people are motivated by many different factors and its sales leader’s job is to discover what that motivation is. When a seller is able to gain motivational support from their coach or manager, their effort and energy toward selling is maximized.

Always Be Present
Many sales coaches and leaders believe that once a salesperson is initially introduced to the sales world, they should let them go and experience it by themselves. However, this is usually not a great idea. A sales coach should be present constantly in their team’s lives. This doesn’t mean holding their hand when things get tough, but at least seeing where they are in their goals or even personal lives. A salesperson will look up to a sales leader who can be seen not just as a boss, but as a friend and peer too.

Samuel Striker is Manager at KMG Consultants, a sales and business consulting firm located in Southfield, MI. For more business and sales advice, check out Samuel Striker’s Website.


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