How to Turn Your Employees into Leaders


Flickr CC via Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center

Hello, Samuel Striker here.

Some people are born to be leaders and naturally have the skills and poise that makes a perfect leader. Others, however, need to be taught how to be a leader. It’s always good to constantly be teaching and growing your employees, no matter where they are in their career. Plus, if the time comes for you to move up in the company, a well-trained employee could make filling your position an easier task.

Employees that are leaders can make tough and informed decisions, will be better qualified, and can teach others as they move up in their career. Here are a few tips on turning your employees into leaders:

Encourage Them to Work Through Problems Themselves

Real leaders can work problems out themselves, but aren’t afraid to ask for help when they really need it. Teaching your employees how to work through problems, big and small, is an important step in the development process.

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Show Them How to Network

Networking is key to career growth, and is a great learning opportunity as well. Talking to other professionals builds skills and confidence. Encourage your employees to network by inviting them to events. This gives them the opportunity to talk to a lot of professionals and watch you in action.

Tailor the Assignments

Sometimes there are tasks that need to get done that no one wants to do, and that is just a part of life. However, try to keep in mind what your employee excels at (Writing? Analytics? Sales?), and try to give them more of those tasks. Put some thought into which tasks are assigned where. Not only will this result in higher quality work, but your employees will also enjoy what they do more.

Allow Them to Have an Ownership Mentality

Allowing your employees to take ownership of their work will help both of you. It will make your employees feel trusted, valued, and like they have a real say in what they do. Encourage employees to take ownership of the work that they do, and you’ll begin to see what they’re really made of.


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