Events That Team USA Can Still Win Gold in at the 2014 Winter Olympics

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As the first week of the Sochi Games comes to a close, Team U.S.A. is doing well but not as good as expected. Team U.S.A. fell short of the gold in both team figure skating and men’s snowboarding, but things are far from over. Here are some sports that Team USA can still hope to come away with the gold in:

Women’s Hockey: Led by Hilary Knight, four time Women’s World Champ, the USA Women’s Hockey Team is poised to go far in this year’s games. At the 2010 Vancouver Games, the team won silver, losing the last game to Canada. Knight says the players haven’t forgotten the loss: “It wasn’t a great feeling, it’s still a feeling that haunts a bunch of us today,” said Knight to CBS News. Knight expects another intense game if the two teams meet again.

Men’s Speed Skating: Shani Davis, Winter Olympics veteran, failed to three-peat in the men’s 1,000-meter race this year. However, he will still have a chance at winning the 1,500-meter race. He won silver in the same race during the last two Olympics. Brian Hansen finished right behind Davis in the 1,000-meter race. “We have a lot of depth in this race. We didn’t show it out there, but we do,” said Hansen, optimistically.

Women’s Bobsledding: Two members of the team are Olympian track runners that have turned into Olympian bobsledders: Lolo Jones and Lauryn Williams. Notably, Williams was selected to push the USA-1 sled at the Sochi Olympics, driven by Elana Meyers. If she wins gold, she will become the second person to win gold in two sports at both the summer and winter games. She won the 4X100-meter relay during the London Games in 2012.

Women’s Snowboarding: After snowboarder Shaun White and ski jumper Sarah Hendrickson failed to reach the podium, the only hope is the USA women’s Snowboarding team for the slopes. Kelly Cark and Arielle Gold could take halfpipe medals for the Americans. Hannah Teter is also still in the playing field. Clark is fresh off an X Games win in the same event from this summer.  Team USA has won six medals in women’s Olympic halfpipe history, half of the total possible.

Men’s Curling: The USA Curling Team is pretty good for men and women, but the men’s is on a roll. Beating Denmark 9-5 on Wednesday, the men’s team next face off against Great Britain on Thursday. John Shuster, a member of the 2006 Olympic team that won the USA a bronze medal, leads the team. The 2012 men’s curling team finished in 10th at the Vancouver games.

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Turn Failure In Sales Into Success

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This is Samuel Striker, manager at KMG Consultants Inc. The feeling of failure is unpleasant to say the least. Success in everything sounds satisfying, but realistically, everything can’t go that way. We all run into times when we are prevented from succeeding and we will have to accept getting disappointed from time to time. Learning from this is how we turn failure into success.

A big mistake people in sales always make is believing that failure is final. This is never true; failure is only temporary, and when looking through this type of lens, things can be seen differently. There will always be situations when the fear of failing can control a person’s mind. By eliminating this point of view, better opportunities can be available to thrive.

Failure in sales can be treated the same way as failure in anything else. Sometimes you won’t find that dream customer, or you do not believe in the product as much as you should. Realize that this negativity comes with working in sales, and with every failure comes an eventual success.

It doesn’t hurt to prepare for mistakes. Accept the inevitability of failure. There will always be errors and sometimes it’s out of control. Understand that a level of realism needs to be accepted to cope with failure. It can create balance in your life and let you grow stronger.

Don’t let the fear of failing get to you. Recognize that this negativity will come and go. The reality is that recovery with added knowledge and insight will eventually come. There are countless people who have failed but have learned from it and came back stronger than ever. Learn how they did it instead of just focusing on your personal problems. Failure will also make you more humble. It’s going to knock you off your pedestal and help you find the right course.

Finally, review what failure has taught you. Learning from letdowns is a process and a skill that can be honed. Failure in our time today isn’t valued like it should; it can help mature a person, as well as help them develop persistence, self-discipline, and hard work. Most of all, it will aid in finding what your best self truly is.

If there’s anything to take away from this post, it’s that getting caught up with failure will only lead to more failure. Take advantage of this and become the success you’ve always pictured.

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