How a Really Bad Day Can Help You Have A Great Year


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Ever have one of those days when everything just goes wrong? You spill coffee on your shirt as you’re running out the door, miss the bus by a minute, get stuck in traffic, and then… you know the rest. We’ve all had it happen, but have you ever had a day that was so bad it forced you to reevaluate your entire life? Days like this have a way of putting our lives into perspective.

Bad luck is out of our control, but luck has little to do with bad days. Most of the time we have a bad day because we’re just stressed out and we fail to take on the day prepared and organized. Most days we manage to push through without much notice, but sometimes our scattered lives combine with the forces of bad luck into a perfect storm that knocks us to the ground and forces us take a look at ourselves.

When this happens, it’s a good time to evaluate what we’re doing in our lives that’s making us lose control. In fact, one really bad day might just be the catalyst that leads to a really great year! Here’s how a bad day can teach you how to have a great year:

You become clean and organized

A bad day is the perfect time to take a good, hard look at your life and see how many different directions you are being pulled at once. This is part of being in the modern world. It’s also why now, more than ever, it’s important to organize your life.

Maybe you need to buy a whiteboard or calendar to hang on your wall that tells you what needs to be done and when. Looking at it every day will nudge you to take care of tasks sooner rather than later. Maybe your solution is setting up a more regular schedule for your day or programming calendar alarms into your mobile device. When you can stay on top of things, you can take control of your life.

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You will be inspired to set goals

If anything, a bad day will bring out all your frustrations at once. Sometimes the little frustrations will bring out the big ones and suddenly you’ll realize the more general dissatisfactions in your life. With this big-picture angle, it’s easy to begin setting goals for where you want your life to be down the road.

Set a goal for the end of the year and establish milestones throughout the year that will get you closer to it. As you begin making changes here and there, you’ll find that you’re getting nearer to your ultimate goal. At the end, you can look back at all the progress you made and see that you had a life-changing year.

So, next time you have a really bad day, remember that it’s temporary and embrace it for what it is – a chance to turn it into a really great year!


Staying Dedicated to Long-Term Goals

Samuel Striker Goals

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Hi, I’m Sam Striker and I’m here to discuss how to accomplish long-term goals. When we come up with professional or personal goals that we think we can achieve, we feel ecstatic. It’s exciting to start on them right away, and work toward reaching the endpoint. After a while however, we sometimes lose motivation and give up. If it’s a long-term goal, we especially find the wait difficult. Staying true to goals may be hard, but by staying motivated, we can finally reach the things we’ve always wanted.

Visualize achieving this goal if you are ever doubtful. You know how amazing it will feel to have accomplished this goal and reaching the finish line. People tend to lose track of their goals by telling themselves they’ll never be able to do it. This train of thought is not healthy. Instead, picture what it’s going to be like when you get there. It will give you some motivation.

Remembering the exact reason why you set this goal is imperative. We tend to forget why we make some hard-to-accomplish ambitions, but realizing that we do it for a specific reason will help. Maybe it was to get you motivated to work harder. Or maybe it was just to say that you could accomplish it. Just remember that you set out for this goal for a reason, and you should stick to it.

Long-term goals are easy to struggle with due to the amount of time it takes to accomplish. But this should not be an excuse to quit. Although it may take a while, the time it will take is still going to pass no matter what. Why not reach the end of it with something positive to show?

Taking a look at the evidence of the progress you made so far can be very beneficial. Maybe it’s a higher number of clients, or a sales quota you want to reach. See how far you have come and use that to motivate yourself. Remember how far you have come compared to how you we have to go. This in turn creates a solid sense of accomplishment.

Turning to other people for support can help too. This could be anyone from your friends, to your boss, or even a meet-up group. Spend time with people who understand the challenges you are about to undertake, and are willing to support you. You’ll also discover other methods people use to stick to their goals.

Keeping a memo on your phone or a planner that reminds you daily can keep you motivated as well. Being reminded about your goals will keep you on track and stop you from trying to get off the hook. Staying motivated and dedicated will bring you more success than you ever expected.

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