Most Valuable Liberal Arts Degrees

Liberal Arts Samuel Striker

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Samuel Striker serves as Manager at KMG Consultants, located in Southfield, MI.

Degrees such as political science, language, or communications are the most widely offered areas of study in higher education. However, many of these disciplines do not lead to a particular profession right out of school. To succeed, Liberal Arts students must analyze and assess new information to find work. The nature of exploring the job market is highly prioritized as well as a willingness to grapple with fundamental ethical questions. Liberal arts degrees are also great for business. They form individuals into interesting people that can determine their own path in the future. The follow are the most valuable liberal arts degrees that can get you started on a career today.

Government: Most people think that the only career you can have with a degree in Government is running for office. However, there are many different opportunities that for political science majors. Some can become political consultants, lobbyists, or even diplomats. The world of politics will always be around, so there’s no worry to never be able to find something to work with. Starting Median Salary: $43,200

International Relations: The areas of careers for International Relations include working with the global economy, human rights, or even worldwide terrorism. This major can make you equipped for dealing with government agencies from the world, as well as nonprofit organizations and international banking institutions. Starting Median Salary: $41,700

Advertising: This is the perfect degree to earn if you are looking to break into the fields of public relations or marketing. These areas are essential for the most successful business. You can find employment with advertising agencies as well as consulting firms. Starting Median Salary: $40,000

Philosophy: One of the oldest humanities, studying in philosophy has a few options to choose from as a career.  With its emphasis on reason, philosophy is a great preparation for fields such as business, in social work, or law. Students can continue their education in philosophy, or teach philosophy at a university. Starting Median Salary: $39,700

English: English degrees offer graduates critical thinking and creative problem solving, while also the ability to study the most famous literature and writing. Many English majors continue with advanced educations to earn masters and even lead into becoming college professors and administrators. Starting Median Salary: $40,800

The study of liberal arts is persistently growing strong, as young people worldwide continue to see the value behind these studies. There are many options to choose from, but the right path will come to you before you realize.