Best Super Bowl Moments of the 21st Century

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Although this year’s game wasn’t much of a competition, it still had its share of memorable moments. Ever since the year 2000, the Super Bowl especially has had its share of memorable moments. Here are a few standouts:

The St. Louis Rams Stop the Tennessee Titans Short in Super Bowl XXXIV

Down 23-16, Steve McNair and the Titans offense drove to the Rams’ 10-yard line and called a timeout. Trailing by a touchdown, they knew they needed to get in the end zone to win. After the ball was snapped, McNair found WR Kevin Dyson who was 2 ½ yards from the goal line. Rams LB Mike Jones tackled Dyson at the one-yard line, preserving the Rams victory. The image of Dyson stretching the ball towards the goal line has become a staple of NFL highlights.

Adam Vinatieri’s Last Second Field Goal in Super Bowl XXXVI

As time was expiring, Patriot kicker Adam Vinatieri made a game-winning field goal 48 yards from the goal posts. The kick would beat the heavily favored St. Louis Rams: the team was a 14-page favorite by the bookies in Vegas. Second-year quarterback Tom Brady led the game winning drive, and ever since has become one of the best quarterbacks in the league, as well as a definite NFL Hall of Famer.

David Tyree’s Helmet Catch in Super Bowl XLII

Facing the record-breaking Tom Brady and the Patriots was a daunting task, but thanks to preparation and a couple of great plays, the Giants went on to beat the juggernaut Patriots. Down 14-10 late vs. the 18-0 patriots, Giants QB Eli Manning scrambled around a fierce defensive line and threw up a downfield pass to WR David Tyree. Although Patriots S Rodney Harrison blanketed him, Tyree made the catch by planting the ball on his helmet. Erasing a 4th-and-20, the Giants went on to score and beat the undefeated Patriots.

New Orleans Saints Try an Onside Kick in Super Bowl XLIV

The Saints first Super Bowl appearance was one to remember. Facing the elite quarterback Peyton Manning and the Indianapolis Colts was no easy task, and the Saints were prepared for it. With a 10-6 halftime Colts lead, the Saints decided to try a trick up their sleeve: an onside kick to open the half. If the kick wasn’t perfect, things could have gotten disastrous. Fortunately, the Saints recovered and drove for a go-ahead touchdown. They ended up winning the game too.

Percy Harvin’s Kickoff Return in Super Bowl XLVIII

Although the Seahawks had a steady lead going into the 2nd half, Percy Harvin’s touchdown sealed the deal for Seattle. Grabbing a pooch kick from 87-yards out, Harvin accelerated past Broncos defenders to bring it to the house. The Seahawks then went up29-0, destroying all hope of a miraculous comeback by the broncos in the second half. The play was also important since Harvin didn’t play much for Seattle during the season, after signing a six-year, $67 million contract. This might have made the money worth it after all.

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Three of the Most Memorable Super Bowl Ads Ever

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Samuel Striker is President at KMG Consultants, located in Southfield, MI.

For those who aren’t into football, there are a few other reasons to watch the Super Bowl. Some tune in for the halftime show, which looks great with Bruno Mars and the Red Hot chili Peppers. Others however, tune in to watch the commercials. Companies save their best stuff for the Super Bowl, and the money they pay to do it shows. Here are a few Super Bowl ads that ended up being memorable years after they aired.

Mean Joe Green – 1979

“Mean” Joe Green had a reputation as a deadly force on the football field. He carried the perfect combination of toughness and vulnerability, and didn’t look like the typical choice for a soda advertisement. His reputation was perfect for the ad: a kid offering him a coke, with Greene accepting, and in turn offering his jersey to the kid. People who saw the advertisement witnessed Greene become show a softer side, and seem more relatable. Green later claimed that the ad transformed his public perception for the better. Troy Polamalu, current safety for the Pittsburgh Steelers, remade the ad in 2009.

Bud Light Frogs – 1995

Taking a risk on talking frogs gave Budweiser some much-needed attention. The commercial was simple: three frogs in a swamp each saying a syllable in Budweiser, while looking at a light-up Budweiser sign. The advertisement was catchy and funny, and was acclaimed by millions of viewers. The frogs first appeared in 1995, and ended up appearing in a total of six more commercials. The frogs gained some controversy when a study showed that kids grouped the frogs with other children’s brand mascots, including Ronald McDonald and Tony the Tiger.  Brand Director Mike Brooks took a shot with the frogs, even staking his job on it with his boss August Busch IV. Overall, the experiment turned into a success.

Darth Vader Kid – 2011

Volkswagen hit it out of the park with their advertisement for the 2012 Passat, involving a kid dressed as Darth Vader. Not only did the kid’s cuteness win viewers, but it also had a nostalgia factor for the target audience of new families. People that grew up with Star Wars found it relatable, and others loved the kid’s involvement. The moral of the ad centers on something that all viewers could relate to, a child’s desire to live a fantasy. The ad is currently the most shared advertisement of all time.

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